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November 15, 2021 // 1 minute read

Centralized Lubrication Benefits

Adding a Bijur Delimon lubrication system increases equipment life by decreasing wear on vital components. Automatic lubrication systems safely and continuously supply lubricant while your equipment is running.

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Greater dependability and reduced wear.
  • Reduced risk of lubrication-related breakdowns.
  • Reduced environmental impact by avoiding
  • Extended service intervals.

Self Lubrication Solutions:

Drum Pumps

  • Air-operated barrel pumps are used where medium to heavy duty service conditions exist
    and rapid build-up of lubricating system pressure is desired in either air-operated central
    stations or bulk transfer of lubricants.
  • Air-operated barrel transfer pumps are normally used to transfer lubricants from original
    refinery drums to the reservoirs on central lubrication systems.

Central Stations

  • Dualine Stations store, control, and supply the lubricant to systems.
  • A variety of reservoir types and sizes and a high-level warning switch are offered. Kits are
    also available for mounting controls and NEMA 4 applications.
  • The system of choice of steel mills and foundries around the world, providing effective
    lubrication with ALL friction points and bearings.
  • Complete systems are available on a skid, with automatic refill and monitoring controls
    ready for service.

DD, DM, DDM Modular Valves

  • Dualine DD and DM Valves are completely hydraulic in operation and will deliver either oil
    or grease.
  • Valves are fully and individually adjustable in regard to discharge quantity and are
    equipped with operational indicators.
  • There are positive lubrication indicators for each bearing point.
  • Lubrication discharge volume at each bearing is fully adjustable even after start-up.

M2500G Divider Valve

  • Precision-manufactured grease valves ready for a tough environment.
  • Metric or inch treads.
  • Valve sections are interchangeable with major valve manufacturers.
  • Progressive valves are popular in steel to subdivide grease supplied by the DD dual line valve, best of both worlds, dual-line for plant-wide grease coverage, adjustable output that
    is sub-divided by the M2500G.
  • Stainless steel bases are available for high-temperature applications, mill stands, foundry.
  • Valves are available as a complete tested assembly, 1~20 outlets, or loose parts for stock.

Lube Point Monitors & DS405

  • The DS405 is a completely new dedicated product for the monitoring of automatic oil or grease lubrication systems.
  • It records and displays the total lubricant delivered per channel and provides the end-user with reliable, expandable, and accessible data capture.
  • Large graphic display for ease of setup and clear monitoring status.
  • Real-time clock with warning and alarm data logging up to 1000 events.
  • USB port for downloading.


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