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SKF Lincoln’s QuickLub Lubrication System

Lincoln Quicklub® Lubrication Solutions

The SKF Lincoln Quicklub is designed to serve both small and mid-sized machinery across various industries. With the ability to support up to 250 lubrication points, the Quicklub ensures your machinery operates smoothly and efficiently. The pumps boast several features:

  • Weather-Resistant Material: Enhanced durability with UV protection ensures long-lasting performance in any environment.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: A larger filling port and a captive cap make maintenance quick and hassle-free.
  • Superior Mixing: The “Polar” stirring paddle maintains lubricant consistency, even in extreme temperatures as low as -40°C.
  • Robust Construction: Featuring a strong spring mechanism from Lincoln’s S7 pump model across all pump elements for uniform reliability.
  • Advanced Protection: IP6K9K rating guarantees that the pump is safeguarded against dust, moisture, and mechanical impacts.

Versatile System Configurations

Quicklub pumps offer flexibility with various configurations to meet specific requirements:

  • Reservoir Sizes: Choose from 2, 4, 8, or 15 liters to best fit your system’s needs.
  • Filling Options: Easy refill through a cartridge connection or an optional lockable top-fill opening.
  • Automated Monitoring: Optional integrated display and PCB for automated control, with a data logger to track operation metrics.

Specialized Applications

Adapt the Quicklub system to your specific needs with options such as:

  • Oil-Compatible Pumps: Specifically designed for oil use.
  • Microprocessor Monitoring: For precise control and monitoring of run and pause times.
  • Mobile Applications: Ideal for trailers and semi-trailers, ensuring mobility does not compromise lubrication.

Metering Devices: SSV and SSVD Variants

Our metering devices set the industry standard for precision and durability, offering:

  • Flexible Metering: Adjust lubricant output easily with our innovative screw technology, without the need for disassembly.
  • Emergency Lubrication: Quick access for manual override and troubleshooting with an emergency fitting.
  • Solid-Block Design: Minimizes leakage and enhances performance under high back pressures and extreme temperatures.

Top (5) Frequently Asked Questions about QuickLub

The pump control board has two green LEDs. The left LED lights up when the pump is powered. The right LED lights up when the motor is active and turns off when the motor stops. If there’s a system fault (lube fault or low-level fault), the right LED will flash, indicating an alarm status that must be acknowledged before the pump can resume lube cycles.

The flashing frequency of the light changes based on the issue. If the reservoir is empty and the pump has a low-level sensor, it flashes every 0.5 seconds. If the lube circuit is malfunctioning, it flashes every 0.5 seconds on and 1 second off. These are the two most common alarms, but variations exist depending on the pump model.

Some pump models can signal separate alarms for each fault, which can be connected to alarm lights or sent to a computer or PLC.

Press the button on the pump control card for one second, located beneath the blue or blue-and-red dials. Then, press and hold the button for three seconds to clear the fault and start a manual lube cycle. This won’t fix the problem but can help with troubleshooting.

This sets the pause time between lube events. The dial has fifteen settings. A jumper and three posts above the dial determine if the settings are in minutes or hours. If the jumper is on the center and right post, each setting is 1 hour. If on the center and left post, each setting is 4 minutes. Turning the dial to the right increases the pause time between lube events.

Some models have a red dial to set the pumping time, but these are less common.

A common mistake is turning the blue dial to the right, thinking a higher number means more grease. Wrong. To increase grease output, decrease the pause time by turning the blue dial one setting to the left. We recommend adjusting one setting at a time. If the pump is on the lowest setting and still not providing enough grease, contact one of our service centers for a solution.







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