oFF-road Equipment

Provide a steady layer of protection while flushing out contaminants

The overall goal

Extend the life of your equipment investment

From small wheel loaders to giant off-road trucks, the savings of time and money with an automatic lubrication system grows with each hour of operation. A complete system applies measured lubricant doses to all the various cylinders, pivots, yokes, bearings, arms, pins and bushings.

As the equipment is in operation, the consistent flow provides a steady layer of protection while flushing out contaminants.


GreasePoint provides engineered & protected lubrication solutions and services including installation, training, warranty, and routine inspection and repair for the life of the machine.

Wheel Loader


Haul Truck




Remote Monitoring

GreasePoint’s ‘Grease Alert’ is an exclusive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) remote lubrication monitoring system. It proactively communicates with equipment managers alerting them to potential problems and avoiding catastrophic failures. 

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