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Quality lubrication solutions.

Lubricants designed to withstand even the toughest of environments.

Choosing a lubrication product is more important than most people think. These products are exposed to heat, humidity, cold, acids, rust, pressure, and other nasty challenges.

GreasePoint is proud to partner with LubeCon and Castrol to provide top-quality lubricants that are able to handle tough environments, adding tremendous value to your business.

Conveyor Chain Lubes

Chain drives provide a reliable way to transmit power, move materials or operate equipment. The chain is made of individual links with rollers (spindles), bushings and interconnecting links. An oil film on the outside surface of a chain offers rust protection and minimizes wear at the sprocket. However, the critical area of wear occurs inside the chain, between each roller and its accompanying bushing.

The proper choice of chain lubricant is critical to ensure that it penetrates to the inner friction points properly while also handling various conditions such as high temperatures, dust, water spray and/or the need to be drip-free.

LubeCon offers a wide array of chain lubricants to meet these needs, including mineral-based oils for ambient conditions, dry-film lubricants to prevent drip and penetrate the chain, high-performance/high temperature synthetic oils to maintain clean chains and provide long oil life, and food grade oils where incidental contact with food is possible.

Automate. Ensure Accurate Application. Avoid Downtime. Save Money. Run Smoothly.

For over 46 years LubeCon has been committed to providing quality solutions for customers. Whether it is lubrication tools, cleaning brushes, greasers, monitoring tools, or automated controllers, GreasePoint & LubeCon can help. 

Services for Your Industry

Paint & Powder Coating

These hot environments make choosing the right chain lubrication even more important.

Conveyor OEM

Downtime costs thousands every minute. Choose reliable LubeCon solutions.

Steel & Foundry

High temps and dirty environments can lead to rapid chain wear. LubeCon systems love a challenge.

Machinery Manufacturing

You make thousands of parts. Let us help you make it go smooth with our products and equipment.

Building Materials

This is a harsh manufacturing environment. We know your needs and have proven performance.

Food & Beverage

Keep the oil where it is needed and away from your products. Use LubeCon precise applications and food-grade products.


An investment in an automatic lubrication system for a typical piece of yellow iron, such as the Caterpillar 320 excavator, has an estimated ROI of as little as nine months. – ©Graco