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Fluid Handling and Automatic Lubrication

Graco designs and manufactures fluid handling and automatic lubrication equipment specifically for off-road mobile, on-road mobile and in-plant applications.

GreasePoint provides a full-line of Graco automatic lubrication pumps, metering devices, controllers, valves and accessories, throughout the Greater United States. Purchase directly from GreasePoint the latest in Graco automatic lubrication, including the new Compact Dyna-Star® pump, GLC™ X automatic lubrication controller and the compact G-Mini™ automatic lubrication pump.

GreasePoint also offers solutions for Industrial and Commercial Applications with Graco’s Petroleum Handling Equipment. Graco manufactures equipment to monitor, control, manage and dispense fluids. 

GreasePoint supplies reliable, high-quality Graco equipment for fuel, diesel, antifreeze, oil and grease. Graco’s versatile fluid inventory control and management systems are designed to accurately track the use of oil, antifreeze and other automotive fluids at vehicle maintenance facilities. Their lubrication equipment ensures fluid delivery to the right spot in your shop. 

From light-duty applications to high-performance concepts designed for heavy-duty jobs, Graco equipment is known for its rugged, durable and long-life design.

When it comes to lubrication, GreasePoint and Graco provide you with the products, support, service and overall buying experience required to get the job done and keep your equipment running smoothly.

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Graco Lubrication Equipment Overview

Technicians use Graco pumps, meters and reels to effortlessly dispense fluids with incredible precision. Machinists perform everyday tasks with fewer hassles and delays, confident Graco proven automated lubrication systems will maintain optimal uptime. And in many cases, managers and other key stakeholders can capture real-time data from Graco solutions to make more informed decisions.

Vehicle Grease Point Identification

Learn from Graco where class 8 truck lubricating grease points are located. Grease Jockey truck and tractor lubrication systems lubricate the following parts: upper king pins, lower king pins, hood pins, spring pins, drag links, tie rod ends, slack adjusters, s-cams, spring hangers, clutch pedal, clutch cross shafts, clutch throw out bearing, 5th wheel plate and 5th wheel pivots (pivot pins or pivot points). Most of these grease zerk locations will be shown in the video.

Graco G-Mini Auto Greaser Keeps Farm Skid Loader in Service

See how the Graco G-Mini™ compact auto lube pump makes the most of its space on this John Deere skid loader and keeps the machine in service in extreme working environments. The full-featured G-Mini offers reliable lubrication in a small footprint to fit more types of machines. Use it to simplify everyday maintenance, extend life cycles and optimize uptime. It’s rugged and tough, perfect for handling the 24/7 rigors of any job, big or small. Best of all, it comes with a modest price tag – boosting your productivity and profitability.

GLC X Controller and Auto Lube App Aggregate Testimonial

Learn how the Graco GLC X Controller and Auto Lube Application enhances productivity and gives the operators more visibility to the exact amount of grease in the canister at this Lehigh Hanson Aggregate Quarry.

Compact Dyna-Star (CDS) Auto Lube Aggregate Testimonial

Learn how the Compact Dyna-Star (CDS) auto lube system improves productivity and safety at this Lehigh Hanson Aggregate Quarry. The Graco Compact Dyna-Star (CDS) automatic lubrication solution is designed specifically for heavy-duty earth-moving machines (dozers, graders, wheel loaders, haul trucks, excavators, etc.) in extreme work environments. It offers high capacity, flow and control for non-stop productivity – with a smaller footprint and price tag to fit everyday needs, without fail.

Grease Jockey Snow Plow Advantage

Learn how the fleet maintenance foreman of a Minnesota municipality reduced costs and downtime on his fleet. They are able to provide grease to the main swivel pins on the dump boxes and other locations throughout the snow plow using Graco’s Grease Jockey auto lube system.

Remote Monitoring

GreasePoint’s ‘GreaseAlert’ is an exclusive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) remote lubrication monitoring system. It proactively communicates with equipment managers alerting them to potential problems and avoiding catastrophic failures. 

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