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We help people in manufacturing & construction with automatic lubrication. 

automatic lubrication that works for you

automatic lubrication that works for you

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vehicle services

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GreasePoint becomes an extension of your company, helping you reach your automatic lubrication goals. From custom systems, machine upgrades and local support, we help with any phase of the lubrication journey for both large and small companies.

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Auto-Lube System Install

GreasePoint Service Techs installed a Graco Automatic Lubrication System on a Volvo L60H Wheel Loader. Auto-Lube Systems extend equipment life, reduce repair costs and minimize machine downtimes so you can focus on getting the job done.

Different Lube Systems

THEIR GOAL: The customer had different lube system brands on different vehicles of the same type, and wanted one system for all.

OUR APPROACH: Replace their current Injector System with a Series Progressive System of the same brand. It was a 1-day install, which were able to do either on-site or in-house.

THE RESULTS: Reduced extra inventory for the customer by standardizing the systems with one brand. This improved component life by providing feedback across all the systems.  

system upgrade

THEIR GOAL: Customer needed to upgrade their machines.  

OUR APPROACH: Added automatic lubrication systems to all the upgraded machines.  It was a 1-day installation via our Field Service team.

THE RESULTS: Saved operator from oiling the machine every morning. This increased component life, machine accuracy, safety and lube efficiency. 

New Equipment

THEIR GOAL: Customer bought new excavators and wanted to increase their life spans.

OUR APPROACH: In one day, GreasePoint installed custom systems before the units went into operation. On-site operator training was provided. 

THE RESULTS: Increased component life, machine accuracy, safety, efficiency, and production. 

Local Support

THEIR GOAL: Equipment had issues with the existing lube system not working properly, however there was no local support to solve the problem.  

OUR APPROACH: GreasePoint got in touch with the manufacturer and acted as the local support team, getting the customer back up and running in half a day.

THE RESULTS: Local hands-on support when the customer needed it. 

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Thank you for getting are greaser system built so quick for us.

I want to take this moment to say thank you to the entire GreasePoint team for pulling this together and making it happen for us. Time and time again we present a challenge with a short LT [lead time] or a new project, and every single time you guys deliver. GreasePoint is the prime example of a partnership we like to have work with. 


We were experiencing severe and untimely equipment failures with our roller-type equipment. As a result, we were under lubricating many key equipment performance areas from lack of lubrication. This issue led to equipment failure and over-adjustment of equipment that affected the quality of our products. GreasePoint installed their automatic lubrication systems on two different lines while the presses were in production. The successes we have seen since the commissioning of the systems have been remarkable. We have not had to make any significant adjustments and have recorded no downtime. I strongly encourage this automatic lubrication system.

director of manufacturing & operations

Your service has been great. Since you carry parts for all the different systems it’s a lot easier to get what we need working with you. 

Maintenance Manager