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GCI Series Grease Injectors for Automatic Lubrication Systems

Grease & Oil Injectors

The revolutionary new cartridge injector system from Graco establishes a new level of durability and serviceability by delivering double the life of current grease injectors while cutting replacement installation time from hours to minutes. The radical new design doubles the output of current replacement injectors at a lower cost for unprecedented uptime as well as savings on labor costs. 

Why choose Compact Grease Injectors

Through groundbreaking simplicity, serviceability and durability, these new cartridge grease injectors will transform uptime and maintenance expectations- ultimately improving overall company profitability. Backed by their A+ Customer Service commitment, meaning that Graco understands the mission-critical importance of standing behind every product they make and being there when they’re needed, to keep your operations moving. 

Simplicity & Versatility

First, cartridge injectors have an output range that is 2X their current GL-1 family of injectors- delivering a new level of versatility while minimizing the need for larger, cumbersome injectors used on high-stress areas of the machine. Second, the guesswork involved with "dialing-in" injectors during initial installs and replacement service has been eliminated- drastically cutting the service time involved and preventing additional downtime to address over /under greasing.

Quality & Durability

The new streamlined cartridge injector design leverages state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to deliver greater life. The unprecedented level of durability creates the opportunity to slash the number of injector replacements, parts costs and service downtime frequency. Since mining machines are often stripped down to the frame and rebuilt two or three times over the total life of the machine, the superior quality of the new injectors will also enhance longer machine life and deliver an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Ease of Serviceability

Since machines are often covered in dirt and excess grease, identifying a failed injector can be a challenge. With a 360-degree view of a high-visibility indicator pin, operators and service technicians can easily tell if a cartridge injector needs replacement to minimize troubleshooting time. Injector replacements take seconds rather than minutes using either a 24 mm or 15/16 in. socket – without the need to remove any lubrication lines; giving service technicians more time to focus on other equipment problems.

Industries for CGI


These injectors provide precise and reliable lubrication to critical equipment, such as conveyors, crushers, and screens, reducing friction and wear. By delivering the right amount of lubricant at the right time, GCI Injectors help enhance equipment performance, extend machinery lifespan, and minimize downtime, ultimately maximizing productivity in the demanding quarry environment.


GCI Injectors play a crucial role in the mining industry by providing reliable and accurate lubrication to essential mining equipment. These injectors ensure optimal lubrication levels, reducing friction and wear on critical components such as conveyor belts, crushers, and grinding mills. With their precise delivery of lubricant, GCI Injectors help maximize equipment performance, extend machinery life, and minimize costly downtime, contributing to increased productivity and operational efficiency in the demanding mining environment.

GCI Vs. Current Injector Technology


Injector Replacement Process

Takes seconds with a 24 mm or 15/16 in. wrench or socket; no need to remove any lubrication lines. Requires disconnecting lube lines, multiple tools and oftentimes removal of adjacent injector lube lines to replace inside injectors on a manifold.  
Repair TimeLess than 1 minuteSeveral minutes 
Output Volume Range0.015–0.150 cubic inches0.015–0.08 cubic inches 
Output AdjustmentColor-coded threaded output spacers that are fastened to the  manifold determine the volume dispensed. There are eight different outputs to choose from and they remain on  the manifold during a cartridge replacement ensuring the correct output after service. Infinitely adjustable but must count thread turns and convert  that to desired output. Often adjusted improperly after replacement. Color-coded slipon spacers are available but must be swapped over to new injector during replacement.  

+/– 3%

+/– 25%

Indicator Pin360-degree view of high-visibility colored pin Limited view through machined hole in top nut


An investment in an automatic lubrication system for a typical piece of yellow iron, such as the Caterpillar 320 excavator, has an estimated ROI of as little as nine months. – ©Graco