Benefits of Automatic lubrication systems

Automatic lubrication reduces both downtime and maintenance costs.

Decrease Consumption of Lubrication

15% of bearing failures result from insufficient lubrication quantity. Automatic lubrication systems provide small amounts of lubricant at consistent intervals, reducing the consumption of lubricant and ensuring the right amount is applied. This does not only save on the costs of oil and grease, it also protects the environment.

Improve the Environment

Automatic systems measure the exact amount of lubricant required. Waste, product contamination and housekeeping issues are substantially reduced. Improved lubrication for bearings, gears and chains translates to lower friction and lower energy consumption.

Remote Monitoring system to prevent failures

GreasePoint offers an exclusive "eye in the sky" remote lubrication monitoring systems that communicates with equipment managers, alerting them before catastrophic failures occur.

Minimize Machine downtime

Unlike manual lubrication, automatic lubrication systems do not require the equipment to be shut down in order to add more oil and grease. Lock-out and tag-out procedures can be avoided, keeping the machines running while the lubrication system adds the right amount of lubricant, drastically cutting your labor and downtime.

reduce wear: extend equipment life

Providing your equipment with the right amount of lubricant reduces wear and extends equipment life. Automatic lubrication releases a thin layer of oil/grease between moving parts. Components will be protected against wear and will last longer without the direct metal-to-metal contact.

Safe & healthy work environments

In manually lubricated environments, a machine technician uses a grease gun to lube machine parts. Some of the vital components are difficult to reach and require climbing onto the equipment. Avoid this safety risk by the installing an automatic lubrication system. Autolube also reduces human contact with lubricants and prevents oil spills on the floor.

Remote Monitoring

GreasePoint’s ‘GreaseAlert’ is an exclusive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) remote lubrication monitoring system. It proactively communicates with equipment managers alerting them to potential problems and avoiding catastrophic failures. 

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